Confidential Settlement – Product Liability — Policeman Has Nylon Socks Melt onto His Legs During Fire — Causing Severe Third Degree Burns

Plaintiff was an off-duty policeman who discovered a fire in his own garage. He went into the garage to attempt to put out the fire, but the flames reached his socks. He was wearing nylon socks which ended up melting onto his leg, causing severe burn injuries.

The case proceeded against the sock manufacturer with the law offices of Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, alleging that the socks were unsafe for their intended purpose because once they ignited, the process of the socks melting onto a person’s legs could not be stopped. Had the plaintiff been wearing cotton socks or better constructed nylon socks, he would have suffered a very minor injury. However, as a result of the alleged negligently designed and manufactured socks, he suffered crippling third-degree burns.

RESULT: Confidential settlement on behalf of plaintiff