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Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Definition

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is the type of harassment that is most easily hidden. Just like other forms of sexual harassment, the perpetrator uses it to gain or maintain power over his or her victim.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal under federal and California law. If you have suffered sexual harassment, you deserve justice, and you may be entitled to compensation.

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What Does ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Mean?

“Quid pro quo” literally means “this for that” in Latin. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when employment, pay, benefits, title, position or other opportunities for advancement or training are conditioned on the submission to unwelcome sexual advances. Whether the harassment is explicit or implicit, it is illegal.

If the incident involves a supervisor, manager or any employee with higher status in the company hierarchy than the victim, the employer is strictly liable in California.

What If I Report Sexual Harassment And Get Fired?

Once you file a sexual harassment claim, you are protected by the law. If your employer or other employees retaliate in any way, your employer may be held strictly liable.

Any time an employee can prove that severe or pervasive sexual harassment by a supervisor occurred and either created a hostile work environment or caused damages, the employee should win in a lawsuit.

An employer may still be held liable and a plaintiff may still obtain compensable damages even if no employment opportunity was denied and no loss of pay or benefits occurred. The plaintiff’s lawyer does not have to prove negligence or direct wrongdoing on behalf of the company.

Getting Results

Our lawyers obtained $500,000 for an Asian woman who worked at a large computer company. She claimed that her supervisor coerced her into performing oral sex on him on three occasions. After the third occasion, she became so disgusted that she told her husband about the harassment and made a report to the company. See more verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients.

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Have you been sexually harassed by a supervisor or an executive? You do not have to submit to his or her demands, and you do not have to live in fear. Don’t worry about your job. Working in a hostile work environment is not worth it.

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**We do not represent perpetrators of sexual harassment or those who are accused of sexually harassing behavior.

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