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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), California ranks the highest among all states regarding medical and work loss costs related to motor vehicle crashes: an estimated more than $4 billion annually.

This figure includes losses for drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians and others killed in fatal motor vehicle crashes. The leading killer of children, teens and young adults (ages 5 to 34) is motor vehicle crashes. They are among the top 10 causes of death for all ages.

Thousands of people are killed in California each year in motor vehicle accidents, and the majority of survivors (typically family members or other dependents) are eligible to pursue monetary compensation for their losses in wrongful death cases.

We bring cases against at-fault drivers, defective auto parts manufacturers, trucking companies, bus companies and other commercial vehicle companies that may be at fault in the cause of the fatal accident.

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Case Spotlight

$2.5 Million Settlement To Plaintiff Mother Of A 20-Year-Old Girl Killed As A Passenger In A Solo-Vehicle Crash

The girl was killed as a passenger in a high-performance sports car driven by her fiancé in excess of 115 mph. Winer,  Burritt & Scott LLP, argued negligence by the fiancé for speeding and by his father for entrusting his son with this vehicle even though our investigator found two prior tickets against the man for speeding in excess of 85 mph.

We hired experts to prove the speed in excess of 115 mph at the time of collision, and we produced a professional video humanizing the case to bolster the damage claim.

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