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Testimonial from a client involved in a medical malpractice/assault case.

There are two things one should always have in reserve. One is a good doctor; the other is a good attorney. I married the good doctor, but until I became involved in a complicated malpractice/assault case against a plastic surgeon several years ago, I did not realize the importance of having a skillful lawyer to help me reach a fair and equitable settlement.

When it became obvious that I should file a lawsuit, I made the initial mistake of hiring a law firm that did not specialize in handling significant personal injury, malpractice and abuse cases. After a year or more of frustration with my prior attorney, I decided to seek out the best attorney in the Bay Area and was referred to John Winer.

John Winer immediately understood the issues involved in my case and provided both excellent legal advice and emotional support during the many months it took to undo what my prior attorney had done and aggressively pursue the case for settlement or trial.

I learned that John Winer was not only skillful in the courtroom, but also, deeply cared about his clients and their causes. I developed a support group for women who had been sexually exploited by professionals and John Winer traveled to Sacramento on our behalf and gave a stirring presentation to the state assembly, which helped pass a law illegalizing any type of health care provider sexual conduct with patients.

Unfortunately, I suffered a recent injury in an unrelated personal injury case. Without blinking, I immediately contacted John Winer to help me receive compensation for a serious back injury.

Gretchen Haskin

Founder, Forbidden Zone Recovery Group

San Mateo, CA

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