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Testimonial from a client who was involved in a car accident

My experience as a client to Winer, Burritt & Scott has been a very pleasant, hopeful, and fair one. About three years ago I was driving home from work in my brand new car when my car stopped accelerating on the highway almost during the peak of traffic times. I pulled over to call for some help while black smoke appeared to be spilling out of the hood of my car and gasoline fumes filled the inside of my vehicle. I was stuck inside my vehicle for what seemed like hours breathing in the toxic fumes an completely oblivious to the fact that I was sitting in a car on fire. I was finally helped out of the vehicle by an undercover officer who pulled over to assist me. I could have died this day stuck inside my burning vehicle due to a malfunction and defect in the 4 month old car that I bought zero miles off the lot.

With some research and help from the internet and reading into other clients testimonials I chose Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP to represent me in this case. They helped me reach a fair and adequate settlement. I am very grateful for this firm for always keeping the best communication with me and making me feel comfortable in even the most uncomfortable and unsettling situations. John Winer and Shawn Tillis are like the dynamic duo, and I have read about a lot of the high profile cases that John has settled in the past which made me feel very relieved that I was in good hands. They always reached out to me in regards to any questions I had concerning the status of my case the whole firm including Elizabeth Yates. Elizabeth has never failed to show me how prompt, efficient, and quick she was with answering any questions and/or concerns that I had during these past 3 years.

The support and kind-ness that they have provided me with gave me hope and comfort throughout this whole process. Thank you Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP for helping me reach security and compromise and a fair settlement!


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