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Testimonial from a client who was wrongfully terminated

Initially, I was apprehensive about having a viable case. I was not sure I could even get representation. After talking with Alexis and John, they made me feel very confident that my rights had been violated and that I had a valid complaint. They used loaded guns and said, “We are going to fight this.” There were so many proceedings that we kept winning, one after another.

They had not only brilliant execution as far as professionalism and knowledge, but the compassion was also there. Their customer service was superior. They were attentive and proactive in reaching out to me. I did not feel ignored. Their words of encouragement and consolation were completely unexpected and so welcomed and needed in a situation like mine where I was so devastated from being fired. I felt like they were not just professionals but caring friends. Who would expect that? For, example, just checking in to see how I was. Their warm and kind comments and small gestures meant a lot to me.

The results were above and beyond what I had expected. It was not even so much about the money. It was about justification for a person who works hard and is completely violated by their employers who are bullies. Winer, Burritt & Scott, put a quick stop to that , and I am sure they have changed the culture of that organization. If it had not been for Winer, Burritt & Tillis, I am sure it would have continued.

I would absolutely recommend Winer, Burritt & Scott to friends and family. I love them! They were just outstanding.


Livermore, CA

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