Testimonial from a clinical psychologist expert witness.

I have been a clinical psychologist for over 60 years and have worked with attorneys on over 600 cases. I’ve known Mr. John D. Winer, Esq. for about 20 years and have worked on numerous significant cases with him as an expert witness.

He is an outstandingly knowledgeable attorney with a tremendous compassion for those seriously injured or abused by the negligence, intentional misconduct and corporate irresponsibility that can sometimes leave lives shattered.

Over the years I have been consistently impressed at how Mr. Winer and his law firm are able to achieve excellent results for seriously injured people and victims of abuse in such a wide variety of cases including serious motor vehicle accident cases, medical malpractice and psychotherapist abuse cases, construction accident and personal injury cases. Mr. Winer’s grasp of the law and understanding of human reactions are superb and he always makes sure that his law firm is trained and staffed to be able to handle major litigation.

I recommend Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP without hesitation and with great enthusiasm and trust.

Margaret Singer, Ph.D., Emeritus

Adjunct Professor of Psychology,

University of California, Berkeley