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Testimonial from a former client who was seriously injured at 8 years of age.

“When I was eight years old, I was crossing the road in a cross walk to get to my school when a motor vehicle failed to see me and ran into me, throwing me 30 or 40 feet in the air. I landed on my head and my back. People told me that I was unconscious for a period of time.

I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion and a back sprain, and sent home.

My mom obtained a copy of the police report which mostly blamed me for the accident because I crossed without looking and blamed the other driver a little bit. The other driver did not have enough insurance to cover my injuries, so my mom went to find a lawyer to help us cover our unpaid bills and to help us find out why I had gone from being a very good student before the accident to having trouble at school afterwards.

After several failed attempts at finding a lawyer who could really help me, my mom located John D. Winer who was then, in 1983, a young lawyer.

John Winer in two short years, turned my case around and my life around.

First of all, he was able to show that the police report was inaccurate and was created to protect the city, whom John Winer was suing for not having a crossing guard present at a school crossing during school hours. He was able to prove that there actually was a plan for a crossing guard to be present that day. However, the crossing guard had wrongfully abandoned her position.

He then took me all the way to Los Angels to see a specialist to prove my injury. The specialist was a kinesiologist, who demonstrated that I was ‘walking funny’ since the accident due to my back and neck injury, and he further proved that if I was walking at my normal pre-accident rate, a crossing guard would have prevented the accident from happening. Finally, he had me tested by psychologists and neuropsychologists who established that my poor school performance was due to a mild traumatic brain injury which would require special care and counseling for me to help overcome.

John Winer obtained a fantastic settlement for me, which allowed me to complete school successfully, start out in my life as an adult financially secure, and enable me to get monthly payments for the rest of my life. I am now almost 30 years old and working at a Safeway. Because of the monthly payments I receive from my personal injury settlement arranged by John Winer, I now feel like I am financially able to get married and settle down and raise a family while continuing my work at Safeway.

I am forever grateful for the work that John Winer performed for me and my family, and I would highly recommend him to anybody else seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer.

Grover “Rocky” Reece

San Mateo, California

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