Testimonial from a psychological expert.

As an experienced forensic examiner of nearly four decades experience, I have broad exposure to the work of lawyers and cases involving physical and psychological disorders. During my career, I have evaluated many thousands of cases and have worked with or against over 1,000 lawyers.

John Winer is at the top of my list of plaintiff lawyers that I have worked for or testified against. He occupies this position because of a unique blend of lawyering skills, aggressive but measured advocacy, mixed with an understanding of the underlying medicine and an impressive understanding of psychological concepts.

Because of Mr. Winer’s psychological sophistication, he is not only able to relate sensitively to those who have been injured by others, but also to translate his understanding into a effective and persuasive strategies both for settlement or verdict.

My forensic work involves testifying on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. On a number of occasions I have been retained by defense counsel in a case in which Mr. Winer was representing the plaintiff. In those cases, if the defense attorney does not fear Mr. Winer and his skills by the beginning of the case, they do by the end when they realize that Mr. Winer has prepared his case in such a way that the defense is at risk for a significant verdict against them.

Further, I know of no lawyer more skillful, compassionate and effective as John Winer.

Paul Berg, Ph.D.

Past President Alameda County Psychological Association

Oakland, California