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Testimonial from an Arbitrator/Mediator.

“I have had the opportunity of serving as a mediator and arbitrator in a number of John Winer’s cases over the past seven years. There are several things that jump out at me when I reflect upon my experience with John Winer.

First, John Winer will take on the difficult case. He’s not at all reluctant to represent clients whose cases present challenging and complex legal or factual issues.

Second, John Winer’s cases are always well-prepared. He is thorough and is prepared to answer any questions presented during the course of the mediation or arbitration.

Third, John Winer is a terrific negotiator who obtains very fine results for his clients. John Winer obtains good results because of his thoroughness and because his opponents know that John Winer will try his cases if he can not obtain a favorable settlement.

In the course of my mediation/arbitration practice, I have worked with hundreds of attorneys from all over the state and country. Without hesitation I can say that John Winer is in the top echelon of attorneys in obtaining favorable settlements or arbitration results for his clients.”

Michael Ornstil, Esq.

San Francisco, CA

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