Testimonial from Law School Professor.

“I am pleased to recommend the services of Mr. John D. Winer. I first met Mr. Winer when he was a student in my tort (personal injury) class in 1976. He was the outstanding student in the class, showing a real feeling for the nature of the material.

Through the years I have remained in personal and professional contact with Mr. Winer. On numerous occasions I have referred large, complex cases to him. He has received exceptional results in these cases. Many injured people come to a lawyer at a particularly stressful point in their lives. Mr. Winer has the particular ability to work compassionately with clients while pursing appropriate financial goals.

Finally, several years ago I found myself in need of an attorney. Without hesitation, I retained Mr. Winer and was delighted with the results.”

Professor Neil M. Levy

Golden Gate University Law School

Editor, Matthew Bender Six Volume Treatise “California Torts”