Testimonial from the parent of a 10 year old child who suffered serious injury in a medical malpractice incident.

Our ten year old son, Timmy, nearly died during a routine heart surgery several years ago. As a result of a bad surgeon, Timmy lost the blood supply to most of the muscles and tissues on his leg. As a result he can not run and play with the other kids and will not be able to work as a manual laborer when he grows up. Timmy can barely walk a block because of his pain and weakness.

After the surgery we suspected that there had been malpractice, but four different law firms refused to take on the big public institution who we believed had committed medical negligence. After being turned down a fourth time, we finally asked the lawyer who is in Los Angeles, “Who handles the really tough cases in the state?” He told us that Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP has a state wide reputation for taking on seriously injured plaintiffs against large corporations, including doctors and hospitals and obtaining exceptional results for their clients.

We contacted John Winer, told him our story and asked for his help. We are a middle class family and could not afford to take care of Timmy the way we wanted to. We could also not afford an expensive lawyer. The Law Offices of John Winer took our son’s case on a contingency fee and retained an impressive team of experts to help win a case that we were told was not winnable. Mr. Winer, through pure determination and hard work found a way to win our case.

Thanks to Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP, Timmy will receive monthly payments totaling millions of dollars over his lifetime, which will allow him to get the care and treatment he needs and help him try to get back his strength and live like a regular member of our community. We are forever grateful. Since our case, we have recommended Winer, Burritt and Scott, LLP to anybody who has suffered a significant loss due to no fault of their own.

P. Guillian

Madera, CA